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How to use this site

Detailed help on how to use the online booking site.

This site will allow you to:

How to Register/Log-in

Visit the Register/Log-in page, and if you are:

you should login with EASE (option 1 on Register/log in page).

Or, if you do not have an EASE account, you will need to register as a new user (option 2 on Register/log in page).

Registering as a new user

Registering as a new user will create an EASE Friend account allowing you to enrol on future courses without having to re-enter your details.

What is EASE Friend?

EASE Friend allows people who are not either University of Edinburgh;

  • staff,
  • student (e.g. an undergraduate)
  • alumni

to use certain online University Services, such as the Centre for Open Learning Online Booking and Payments service.

Once you have registered as a new user and activated your EASE Friend account you will be able to return to this site and login as a returning user. You will also be able to use these same details to access other University of Edinburgh services which require EASE/EASE Friend authentication.

How do I register as a new user?

From the Register/Login screen enter the email address that you wish to register to use this service. The email address entered will be used by us to send you confirmation of your booking and payment, request to register a EASE Friend password and also any course enrolment related correspondence. You will then be asked to enter and confirm your contact and personal details.

At this point, if you have items in your basket you can continue through to checkout and complete the enrolment process.

How do I register a password?

To complete the new user registration process you will need to register a password with EASE Friend. During the registration process a Friend Account Invitation email will have been generated and sent to your selected email address.

Following the 'Create EASE Friend Account' link from the Friend Account Invitation email will take you to the Create EASE Friend account page where you will be asked to enter your email address and enter and confirm a password.

Subsequent pages will require you to select some memorable questions and submit memorable answers to these and enter a memorable word. This information, known as shared secrets, increases security and allows you to reset your password should you forget it.

I don't have the EASE Friend Account Invitation email

The email may have been sent to your Junk Email folder. This is most likely related to the security settings on your email account and the EASE Friend Account Invitation email can be treated as safe.

If you have deleted the email you can request that the email be resent.

Reset EASE Friend password

Can I book someone else on a course?


How do I pay for a course online?

Once you have followed the checkout process you will be asked to proceed to payment. Selecting this option will direct you to our card transfer payment service, allowing you to securely make a card payment with American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, or Visa.

Once you have completed this process and your payment has been authorised, you will receive confirmation that your booking and payment has been accepted and that you are enrolled on your selected course(s).

In addition, if your payment is successful you will also receive an email confirming that your payment has been successful.

How to enrol if you are eligible for the concessionary rate

Many of our courses have a concessionary rate, set at two-thirds of the full fee. If you are a University of Edinburgh student on a degree programme or a full-time student at a local university you can book a course online at the concessionary rate.

However, if you/your family's sole income is from Department for Work and Pensions benefits or you are in receipt of pension credit you will not be able to book a course online and will have to use one of the other methods of enrolment.

Martha Hamilton Trust and Fee Waiver applications

Fee Waiver enrolments cannot be processed online. To apply for help with fees from the Martha Hamilton Trust or to apply for the Fee Waiver please go to our help with fees page.

Part-time Fee Grant (certificate of HE)

You cannot use the Part-time Fee Grant to book a course online. Please see our help with fees section for more information.

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