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Introduction to Mosaic (Intensive)

Course Times & Enrolment

This course is currently unavailable.

Course Summary

‘Introduction to Mosaic’, will introduce students to direct and indirect methods of laying mosaics. Students will consider design, colour and media and will be encouraged to develop their individual style whilst working within a structured framework. Students will gain a good grounding in basic mosaic making techniques.

Course Details

Special Infomation

Art and Design Materials and Equipment

Materials and equipment provided for students as part of the course and included in course fee:

  • WBP ply wood (approx. 10mm depth)
  • A3 white paper - 2-3 sheets per student
  • Small metal modelling tools or equivalent
  • Cutting tools
  • Adhesives.
  • Dust mask
  • Disposable plastic gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Soap

Materials and equipment available for purchase during the course: Estimated cost: £20 - £50 depending of usage

  • A large selection of ceramic tiles

Essential materials and equipment students will need to provide themselves: Estimated cost: £20 - £50 depending on usage.

  • Pencils, sharpener, rubber
  • Coloured pencils
  • Sketch book, including reference images
  • Apron
  • Rubber gloves
  • Plastic tubs to keep mosaic in
  • Bubble wrap (to wrap work at the end of week)
  • PVA Small glue brush - 1 per student
  • 1 Flat stick to mix adhesive and grout
  • Low plastic tubs / containers for pva glue
  • Small plastic tubs for mixing grout
  • Clean rags
  • Newsprint

Additional recommended materials and equipment students can provide:

  • Digital camera (to document process)

Content of Course

The course will be comprised of an intensive 5 day teaching block under the supervision of the tutor, Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Class hours:

Day 1
  • Introduction to the direct and indirect methods; experiment with a variety of ways of cutting and laying mosaic
  • Design session: look at what makes a good mosaic design, start work on individual designs
  • Group discussion
Day 2
  • Design session continued; finalise design and apply to the base board
  • Start individual mosaic
  • Group discussion
Day 3
  • Full day working on individual mosaic
  • Group discussion
Day 4
  • Full day working on individual mosaic
  • Individual crits
Day 5
  • Introduction to grouting: grout mosaic
  • Prepare work for exhibition
  • Round up and group discussion

Teaching method(s)

The teaching will be based and delivered in specialist art and design studios or workshops and will typically include a range of practical exercises, introductions to techniques, processes and concepts, and set projects which lead to more focused and personal exploration. Over the five days, students’ progress will be monitored and supported by the tutor. Teaching will include practical demonstrations, one to one tuition, group discussions and critiques.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • cut, lay and fix mosaic tesserae, developing an understanding of basic design concepts and gathering technical data relating to mosaic;
  • develop skills to enable the creation mosaic artworks after the course;
  • produce one completed mosaic work of their own design.

Transferable skills

  • design a mosaic layout
  • cutting and laying mosaic tesserae
  • consider colour and visual texture within contemporary mosaic


Core Readings

  • LEVI, D. Antioch mosaic pavements 1898-1947.
  • STIPE, Robert. 1987 American mosaic: preserving a nation's heritage.
  • GOODWIN, Elaine M. 2000. Classic mosaic: designs and projects inspired by 6,000 years of mosaic art.
  • DERLEMENKO, Evgenii. 1982. Gelati : architecture, mosaic, frescoes.
  • HASWELL, J Mellentin. 1973. Manual of Mosaic.
  • Modern mosaic: art and modernism in the United States / edited by Townsend Ludington.
  • FISCHER, Peter. 1971. Mosaic: history and technique.
  • STRIBLING, Mary Lou. 1966. Mosaic techniques: new aspects of fragmented design.

Web Sources

Web resources will be provided during the course.

Class Handouts

Class hand outs will be provided during the course.

Student support

Please contact Art and Design Studies on 0131 650 4400 if you think you have any specific study requirements that may need to be put in place to enable you to study an Art and Design Studies course. Giving us this information will enable us to make arrangements to meet your requirements for studying in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.