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Shut Up & Write!

Course Times & Enrolment

Mondays from 16th April 2018 (Code CW088-305) Add to Basket Mondays from
16th April 2018 6:30pm - 8:20pm • (10 classes)
Holyrood Campus • Tutor: To be confirmed .
£121.00 Concessions and discounts

Course Summary

We will explore common problems that writers experience, such as fear, lack of inspiration, perfectionism and the inner critic. This course covers practical methods for dealing with these issues and ways to stimulate inspiration. It is ideal for both beginners and non-beginners who wish to refresh their approach.

Course Details

Content of Course

  1. Developing writing practice - exploring ways to make writing habitual and why it matters.
  2. Keeping a journal - introducing ways to help students get the most from their journals, which they will be using throughout the course.
  3. Fear & the subconscious - exploring the effects of anxiety; how to reduce it and how to harness its power; accessing and using the subconscious.
  4. Perfectionism & the inner critic - examining our expectations and how this affects our work; that little voice and how to silence, at least for a while.
  5. Finding inspiration inside ourselves - focusing on memory and the five senses.
  6. Self-reflection - students will make journal entries about their own development every week; this session reflects on the journey so far and anticipates the next half of the course.
  7. Finding inspiration outside ourselves - such as music, photography, the media and history.
  8. Writing as a physical act - examining the physical nature of writing and the effect of the physical environment.
  9. Developing further - students will develop a journal entry into a short finished piece of work; we will consider how to best go about shaping and developing a piece of work.
  10. Are we there yet? - exploring the final editing stage & a collaborative critique session.

Teaching method(s)

This is a tutorial-based, practical course, with the emphasis on students writing in class. It will include writing exercises, discussion and collaborative critiquing of work. Students are expected to make journal entries between classes.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • employ a variety of techniques for writing and generating ideas;
  • understand what helps and what hinders their individual creative process;
  • develop a short piece of writing from a journal entry;
  • maintain a writing practice.


Core Readings


Brande, D., 1996. Becoming a Writer. 2nd ed. London: Macmillan.


Cameron, J., 2000. The Right to Write. London: Pan Books.
Lamott , A., 1995. Bird by Bird. New York: Anchor Books.
Keyes, R., 1995. The Courage to Write. New York: Henry Holt & Co.

Web Sources

Class Handouts

lecture notes will be provided

Student support

If you feel you have specific requirements to enable you to study with us, please contact our Student Support Team by email or by phone 0131 650 4400 to arrange a confidential discussion. Giving us this information will enable us to make arrangements to meet your requirements for studying in accordance with your rights under the Equality Act 2010.